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How do I pick an agent?


A real estate agents primary purpose is to guide you and ensure your goals are met in the purchase of your property.  Choose an agent who is patient with you, highly informative, and one who provides a clear road map to success.  There are many good and bad agents out there, so talk with a few and see who has the best communication style.  I run my real estate business more like a consulting firm in the sense that I create a step by step outline of the entire process from the beginning so that action items are clearly defined. I strive to make the complex simple. So my thought is choose an agent that focused on service and education so you feel most confident in the journey ahead.  Again, I would interview at least a few agents and see which you feel most comfortable. I also believe that an agent with a minimum of four of experience would be best suited to help you.

You want to know your house's worth according to a zestimate?


There are three ways to determine property value:1. Get a home appraisal by a licensed appraiser2. Get a CMA from a local real estate agent or broker3. Check and for baseline figures. Notes these websites are generally not nearly as accurate as an agent or an appraiser, yet they can be a helpful reference point. Sometimes Zillow is very accurate and other times WAY off, so use the web as a starting point, but trust your local real estate industry professionals for advice.Warm Regards,Richard KuhrSan Francisco, CA

Does a short-sale make sense in my situation?


Hello:I agree with Cynthia Bell. Lenders will require a hardship letter for a short sale and their will need to be documentation of job loss, death, or illness.  The short sale package will also require two months bank statements for verification and if there is genuine financial hardship, then the banks will consider a short sale.A short sale will too also affect your credit, albeit not as much as foreclosure, but their will be a fico impact.Warm Regards,Richard KuhrSan Francisco, CA