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Jay LeClerc wrote:

Why is this site so slow?

Hey Jeff,If you find this site slow, I can help.  Just shoot me an email personally.All the best,JayP.S. it was great running into you the other day at the store.
May 11 2011

Renting vs Buying

In the history of Real Estate there has not been a better time to buy.  This is a rare time that does not happen that often.  Typically, when interest rates are low the sales price to buy is high, and when interest rates go up then the sales price to buy goes down.  We currently have interest rates incredibly low at 4 +/- percent; yet the sales prices to buy are low as well.  With rents escalating higher and higher it's a perfect time to buy... if you qualify for a loan with a reputable lender.
November 23 2010