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01/30/2014 - TheMerkers
Inspection service. Dunwoody, GA

The inspector was on time and extremely detailed in her overview of the house and in speaking with me about her concerns. It made the process very seamless. In addition to the initial inspection, we also requested a follow-up to confirm the items detailed in the first inspection were in fact addressed by the seller. With the second visit, the owner came to the house and he was extremely professional and gave us the peace of mind we needed to move forward. I would recommend them to anyone I know purchasing a house; as it is always reassuring to have individuals who talk with you as opposed to you and genuinely seem to care about your concerns and questions (even when they may seem small to them).

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04/11/2013 - user524372
Inspection service.

My home inspection was actually done by Mark but through this same company. The company (Home-Probe) came recommended through my daughter's school. But when I arrived, my realtor told me that this is also the same company that she always recommends due to good past experiences. Mark was very thorough and took time to look closely at the house and take pictures of everything. The entire process took about 6 hours. I think its usually less, but I asked a lot of questions and went around with Mark to see everything and understand what work I needed to do in the future. He answered questions very well and was experienced. I was happy he took the time to stay longer. He provided a very thorough report with pictures and descriptions of when each problem needs to be addressed and what should be done. Also, the company says that I can call them anytime with questions for as long as I own the home! I also had a radon test done. I know its not standard practice for many, but felt better about having my daughter with asthma in the house and being sure that there was no radon. I would definitely recommend this company in the future.

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