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How do I bring up my own home value??


1. Maintain your home - do the necessary repairs, keep up your landscape or curb appeal.2. Visit your neighbors and form an informal association to keep all homes looking great in the neighborhood. If your neighbor's house looks bad it will bring down your house value.3. Paint your home once in 5 - 6 years (outside).4. Save up a little each month to do 7 - 8 improvement upgrades within or outside your home. It could be:a. Replacing your countertop in the kitchenb. Replacing your worn out carpet with bamboo floorsc. Replacing your plumbing fixtures.d. Replacing your windows (if it is more than 10 yrs old)    (Energy Ratings windows will save your electricity bill and also qualify you for home improvement tax credit)e. Replace your roof (only once in 20 yrs).f.  Replace your waterheater with a more efficient smaller one.    (Large waterheaters are not eco-friendly)    g. Invest in good clothes washing machines and dryers.h. Invest in a central vacuum system that collects dirt in the garage.  (This is a great investment and adds to your resale value as well)  (If you are removing out your carpet, and replacing them with bamboo floors, this is not necessary).    Investing into your own home will upgrade your home's value. Think up of other bright ideas - maybe adding solar panels to your roof? Go power independent, think futuristic and your home value will shoot through the roof.Good luck!

Should we make a $10,000 improvement or lower our asking price?


Being competitive in your market helps you sell your home faster. Consider the following:1. Is your home comparatively priced (based on same sq.ft, etc) in the market to help you sell quicker?2. How important is it for you to sell fast? If you can afford to wait, then you can do improvements.3. If you cannot afford to wait, lower your asking price.4. You can make improvements only if it is going to get you a SURE higher price on the market. Simply put, don't throw your money away.Hope this answers your questions.

what should I expect from a sellers agent?


From the question, it seems you are an unrepresented buyer. In this case, a seller's agent can be fair in all his dealings with you.1. He should convey all pertinent facts to the deal with you the buyer.2. He should convey to the seller without leaving out any detail your offer.3. He should deal in all honesty presenting all numbers accurately to you.4. Since time is of the essence, he should value your time and the seller's, and present all offers in a timely fashion.5. He can help clarify issues that you are not sure about.6. He can with the permission of the seller offer to enter into an intermediary relationship with you and represent you the buyer.Hope this answers your question.