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514 Ryan


Your lucky you sold your house when you did. Foreclosures are still small in number but have grown. We don't have the plethora of new homes driving down prices like Visalia or other areas. I think the market is close to bottom and after the election cycle that might open things in a buyers market, not in a sellers market like most people end up doing.Keep an eye on my website for more info or call me 442-5470. I also live in that neighborhood.

514 Ryan


The seller is not delusional, they owe $325,000 on the house and are in a difficult position...the foreclosure nearby is smaller and inferior location (Martin St). House on corner of Gatliff and Meyers just closed for $309,000 this month. That had only 1 bathroom. Watch my website for any price changes or changes in the selling terms.I agree the price is high..... but I disagree that prices have not dropped 15% either. The local real estate market is not like Sacramento or Modesto markets...