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Getting a pre-approved mortage


If you have a checking/savings account with a bank that you have already developed a business relationship with I would start there first.  Don't call a bunch of banks or this could ding your credit score...Try a few...Ask the first one to tell you your credit score, if you call another bank/mortgage company to compare rates, give them your credit score and tell them not to pull your credit until you decide on what company you will be using...Ask the lender their fees, rates, estimated monthly payments based off of what you qualify for and how much your closing costs will be.  Occasionally you can get a seller to pay your closing costs or a portion of them.  Best of luck!

Orange County, French Lick, IN 47432

Looking to SELL in French Lick, IN or Southern Indiana??  I just SOLD one of my properties in French Lick to a LUCKY buyer  ...  [self promotion and contact information deleted by Zillow moderator.  Please see our Good Neighbor Policy.] Jennifer Jordan, Broker/Owner.  Equal Housing.

One mistake potential sellers make in the winter time...

The one potential mistake sellers make in the winter time is by NOT putting their homes on the market.  We tend to see fewer listings in the winter months.  In the spring/summer is when everyone wants to list.  However, with there being fewer homes on the market during the winter months a seller doesn't have as much competition.  Homes sell in winter just as they do any other time of the year.  Don't wait to sell if you really want to move!!!  You have just as big of a chance SELLING NOW so why wait?  Buyers buy ALL year round!  :)   

How do you find REO listing?


Short answer:  Find an agent to represent & search for you - They have accurate information.