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What is the fair rent


Hi - what town are you in? Parking? Laundry? Central AC? Storage in the basement? Any outdoor space? I'd be happy to help give you a rental estimate with this additional info. thanks!  Jennifer Keenan, ePlace Real Estate, Central Sq, Cambridge.

What are the upfront and ongoing costs associated with buying a home in Massachusetts?


Hi - agree with most of the answer posted below. When I counsel first time buyers, I tell them to plan for $4,000-$6,000 for closing costs. These will includes your lender fees, attorney, recording fees, setting up escrow accounts, and initial homeowners insurance/tax payments. Also, plan on a home inspector, which typically run $300-$500 per inspection and is paid directly to the inspector. Most buyers choose to escrow their homeowners and property taxes, so these are included in your mortgage payment. Other outside monthly costs include utility bills (water/sewer, gas/oil, electric, and cable tv/internet). These will vary should you choose to rent out the unit - most tenants pay all utilities except water and sewer, but this will depend on the type of property you purchase. There is a 1 month fee for an agent to rent out the unit, but again most tenants will pay this fee, not the owner.Yes, definitely deduct the interest on the mortgage off your taxes. This is one of the prime benefits of homeownership in the US.Hope this helps!

appraisal valule for property

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Hi Maria,I'd be happy to provide you with an accurate home value for your primary residence and any secondary properties you have. Please feel free to call me at [edited by Zillow moderator to remove contact information. Please refer to Good Neighbor Policy]