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06/13/2013 - user4905197
We connected, but it did not work out.

My husband and I just barely missed out on being able to make a bid on a home. We left a message for Jim to see if there was anything we could do. He responded in under 24 hours. I just wish we'd been fast enough to bid! I wanted to comment in his favor considering the few negative responses on here. I found his message to be highly professional and kind.

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04/07/2013 - user26491570
Did not respond to my inquiry in Yelm, WA.

Never contacted me back when I emailed him to look at homes. Was very disappointed when he didn't respond then the house was purchased by someone else that same time frame.

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Response from Jim on 04/22/2013

I am very sorry that myself or one of my agents did not contact you. We try hard to contact every person who sends us an inquiry on a property. Each person’s message is sent to an agent who attempts to respond within minutes of receiving the contact's information. If a phone number is included, they will most likely call you. If an email address is given, the agent will attempt to contact via email. All of that being said, sometimes the contact inquiries we receive end up in a spam folder and are not found right away or the emails we send in response do not get found. If one of our agents did indeed drop the ball, then we thank you for your response and your review will be a reminder to us to do better.



06/26/2012 - RickGrossman
Did not respond to my inquiry in Seattle, WA.

I emailed him asking him a question. He never responded, but merely added me to his email list.

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Response from Jim on 01/28/2014

Sorry we couldn't reach you. If we can't connect by phone, we leave a message and then we do a few follow up emails.



01/10/2012 - Roselodge1
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 in Sumner, WA.

We have purchased 3 homes in our lifetime and can honestly say that working with Dan Hunt as our real estate agent was our best experience. He was truly amazing. Never did we have to wonder about anything. All of our questions and concerns were immediately taken care of no matter what time or day. Dan Hunt will be the agent we will always recommend and use. Thanks again!!!!! We had a Fabulous experience working with him.

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