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John Martin wrote:

5004 Bromley lane richmond va 23226 and 5006 Bromley lane richmond va are on the wrong lots.

5004 Legal Description is PATTERSON PL L39-40 BF 50.00X137.505006 Legal Description is PATTERSON PL L36-38 BF 75.00X137.50So they are both double lots with different numbers. Hope this helps..John Martin
August 15 2010

any Richmond friends ever work with Sarah Bice Associates Real Estate

Don't know the above mentioned firm, but It's amazing that stories like these exist in this market. Since I have been in the business over the last 10 years, this example has always pained me... Hearing stories of agents pushing clients to make a decision?  Sure we all need to make a living, but not taking the time to understand the market is a bad business decision. Plus, the goal is for your buyer to call you back in the future to sell and or refer your name to friends. At this point, most of the agents in this market are experienced and have made it through this rough patch. I truly believe those of us that have done well in the hard times are being paid back for being good agents in the good times. Shop around and meet a few agents. You can usually tell within a few minutes if the Realtor is solid and cares about your needs. Check out their personal sites, call or email them...Good Luck.
July 13 2010

Unfair market value

When did you post the upgrades? It took my house awhile to catch up to the updates we made on Zillow... I wouldn't give too much credit to a Zestimate. As agents, we don't use them for our market evaluations. Each neighborhood is different, talk to a local real estate professional or get an appraisal. Remember, any short sales or Foreclosures in the area will most likely bring your Zestimate down. Those are comps that Zillow will capture. John Martin, Realtor William E. Wood & Associates Realtors®5208 Monticello Ave, Williamsburg, Va. 23185[content removed by moderator] Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia
March 11 2010

Who has sold the most houses in the Aragona Village neighborhood of Virginia Beach, VA (zip 23462)?

At a glance, it appears to be random across the board for local brokers. Very active neighborhood over the last year. William E. Wood & Associates had 14 listings sold or under contract in the last year. I know I am partial, but we have a pretty solid advertising set-up, website, relocation team, agent base, and an outstanding overall reputation. Good Luck.. John Martin, RealtorWilliam E. Wood & Associates
February 16 2010