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sStaging does work I have seen examples where the property was not selling but received offers right after getting it staged,

Location is Everything


This is so true.  I always advice my buyers to think about resale.  Will someone want to buy a house in that location?Just last weekend I was showing homes and there was this beautiful old home that my buyer really liked however what was next to it did not make it a must have.  If that house was in a different location the price would more than double.

HOw much is my home worth?


Yes in todays market valuation is harder to determine especially if you are in an area with a lot of distressed properties.An appraiser is in the best position to determine this.  he or she is also the one the banks will listen to.Your real estate agent is able to provide you with a comparative market analysis by looking at similar homes presently on the market, recent sales and those that failed to sell  to give you a range your home could be listed for.  Getting several cma might be a good idea.

I need to get the current market value of our home


I agree with the above comments.  The zestimate is a starting point and a real estate agent in your area would be able to look at homes similar to yours that are active , sold or expired, to come up with a price range for your home.Then again, ifyour home is very unique and there are a lot of short sales and foreclosure in the area, depending on the price point of your home, and the reason you want to know the value of your home, you might want to get an official appraisal.  This is a trend I am seeing.

Do You Think The Housing Market Is Picking Up?


I think we still have a way to go.  The foreclosure inventory is still high and in my area the absorption rate is way up.Real estate is truly local so I suspect there are pockets where improvement will be noticeable.Go to and you will get a good picture of the foreclosure situation even within a state by districts.  This will probably give you an idea as to which areas will climb out faster.