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New Construction- Buyer's Agent to reveal highest approved amount at start?


You need to STOP and SHOP.  You need a Realtor you can trust not one who will only tell you what you want to hear but who will earnestly help you find a home to meet your needs.  Regarding the builder and negotiations do not get caught up in the emotions.  You can purchase how you want and you can give your Realtor specific instructions but you need to be fully educated first in how this works and the Realtor needs to know what you want.  Then go to the builders with a plan of action.  Do not be afraid to speak up or pull the person aside to get things back on track.  Negotiations are good tool but if you do not agree then their negotiations mean nothing it works both ways.  Get the best home you can for the money do not mean you need to purchase for the full amount.  Each market is different so do some research or have the Realtor/Builder show you the figures.

conflicted and confused

Best Answer

This is certainly a decision you need to make.  First and foremost get someone involved who knows the laws about Real Estate in your area.  Realtor, Title Company or Attorney to complete the process if you proceed.  This is the best way to protect all parties involved.  Selling a flag lot behind you or having an easement through your property should not be a problem if done correctly and you are comfortable with it after you discover everything you need to know.  You may want to consider the value of where you are now, how much improvement you have done, can you get what you have for the same price?  Sounds like she is trying to get the most out of what she has and help you also.  Another some areas you have to have so much land to lets say have horses or cattle.....will this change affect you?  renegotiate.  Hope it all works out for you.

When the seller signs an offer contract, is it then initiated?


You were actually going to get a Counter Offer not a signed offer/contract.  Notification to you is notification to the buyer in Florida.  Although it was a verbal agreement it is not valid until signed by all parties.   Also as long as not delivered or accepted - either party may pull the offer/counter.  This market is a competitive market right now for good homes.

Why is there no info on the banks in an REO?


Dear User6522793,I think highdesertagent gave an excellent answer and I appreciate the extended explanation you gave.  I hear this all the time.  I do not list foreclosures.  I however do enjoy helping buyers purchase them.  You need a agent who is willing to help you dig up information on properties.  We are out there.May I suggest you ask the agents questions and determine if they are answering to help you or make a sale.  Let me say we all want to make a sale.  That is how we get paid but some forget about customer service or simply could be busy at the time of your call.  So don't give up.  You definitely want to use a Real Estate Agent in whatever area you are searching just keep calling or searching until you find the one who works for you.  What really matters is how the bank wants to sell the property and what needs to be done to get you a showing and an offer submitted as well as watching out for your best interests.  Also trying to buy a foreclosure before it is listed on the market is a waste of everyone's time.  You must wait till they hire an agent.  May I also suggest that you focus on the questions about the house/home.  We are not going to have all the answers when you call but a little research and call back.........goes a long way to making a happy customer.

About what will one pay for closing cost


Auctions are tricky.  You need to check the website and there should be a place where they disclose The buyer premium amount usually 5%.  You will have to pay to record the deed.  There will be charges to you from the title company.   The above are usual and normal with Auctions.   The unknown charges can be discovered if you know where to look or who to call.  I hope this helps you.  I think the last time I did this the property was identified and the terms were agreed before the buyer was alerted to all the fees.  The Title company or the Auction Company should be able to ballpark the numbers for you.

is 20 persent mandatory for down payments?


In Citrus County Inverness, Homosassa area and the such just north of you we have the USDA loan program for rural communities and that is a no down payment program for qualified buyers.  We can see if Spring Hill would still be included.  Call more details.

"AS IS" residnetial contract for sale and purchase - Florida


Nothing replaces the seller disclosure.  If you have questions, speak to your agent.  Also request the sellers disclosure if you have not received it.  The paragraph also points out that the seller should disclose all known facts.

My Mother owns a peice of property on croft rd inverness fl 1/2 acre dont know where to start


I have looked up this property and would be happy to list and sell this for you.  I see it has a new septic on the property.  How old is the roof?  Please call me directly at 352-397-8081 and I will do this for you right away.  I know how to sell this and open it up to a larger buyer pool.  I will do comparison sales and have them ready when you call.  The office number is 726-5855 ask for Joanna Morris.