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Jody Span wrote:

What help can Zillow possibly be? Their zestmates are off by as much as 30%!!

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When it comes to realistically pricing and selling a property, appraisers typically compare up to 6 properties and then add or subtract features, square feet, improvements and other variables.  Typically they can go back up to 12 months but in todays market, 3 to 6 months is more realistic on what a property will typically sell for.   That's a huge difference, would like to know what area/location and particulars of the property.  My statistical numbers are usually right on the money.  Keep in mind appraisals can vary depending on refinance, insurance quotes, re-sale, FHA or Conventional Financing.  Also, a lot of markets drastically changed in a very short period of time depending on Short Sales & Foreclosures, lots of variables in a price.
August 27 2011

how do i get listed in

If you are interesting in listing and marketing your property through a Real Estate Professional, I can assist and include Zillow as a marketing tool to assist you in marketing your home.Let me know what area.
March 23 2010