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We are interested in a holiday home in Florida. Where is the nicest place to visit advice please


You question is a pretty common one for second home buyers we work with.  My best suggestion is to try an extended trip to a few different areas, and drive around.  So many of our visitors come to Orlando, then either go east or west to find the beach.  We sell real estate on the west coast in Sarasota/Bradenton areas.  Our area has awesome beaches, and a little slower pace than the east coast.  Amazing beaches including the #1 Ranked beaches of Siesta Key.  Plenty of Cultural outlets, theater, museums etc.  Florida has such a wide variety of communities and lifestyles the best bet is to try out a few, and see what fits your goals best.I wouldn't live anywhere else!  Golf, Beaches, and Disney are all to be had wherever you settle.

Are Zestimates available online?


Zestimates can be found at the bottom of any listed homes.  I have noticed that they give a range price.  Also, the highlighted price is the LIST price for homes that are being marketed.  In the old days, the Zestimate was the first number, even ahead of the list price!  Of course, if you want the most accurate value for a home call a Realtor familiar with the market.  Nothing beats a local expert opinion!  It's free too.

Is a pre-market home inspection worth the money?


A pre-inspection is money well spent for any home seller.  I recommend this to everyone, although not everyone does them. Even for short sales too.  A good, pre-listing inspection will show good faith to potential buyers that the seller went above and beyond other properties to attest to the condition, or at least disclose any hidden issues.  I like to leave a copy of a pre-inspection, along with copies of any repair bills discovered so that the buyers can be fully aware AHEAD of their offer.  There is nothing worse than getting through the negotiating process of a short sale only for the deal to fall apart due to a bad inspection!Even if you do not have money for repairs, the inspection report will make it easier to let your lender know your home's issues so that it can be sold at a fair market price.

Top Tips for home sellers in this current market

I have been a leading Realtor in Bradenton Florida for the past 8 years and I can attest to the best tips for home sellers in today's tough selling environment.  Some of the tried and tested hold true, but always worth repeating.1.  You need to hire the best full-time Realtor you can find that works in your area.  2.  Get the home as clean and tidy as possible3.  Make any and all repairs that you can do ahead of going active4.  Make sure that your home is Priced correctly.  Listen to your Realtor.