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If a home sold by owner not by agent how can I find what it sold for? It was about 5 yrs ago.


In Georgia we access the Clerk of Superior Court's records.  In Alabama it is a little more work as each county is different.  Usually though you can go to the county court house and get directed to the right office, usually one of the tax offices.  Flagship has started hosting many of Alabama's county tax sites online.

What are Broker Price Opinions (BPO's), Why are they needed, & How much do we make off them?


A "BPO" is just an opinion on the probable market price on a property.  These are usually requested by lenders or their agents for properties that are either in default or 90 days or more late on payments.  They don't pay much and can really backfire on you if you don't have the data to back up your opinion.  They do send appraisers out to check accuracy behind you. But they are a way to work with lenders for listings and referals.