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can I find out what my house was worth years ago?


That a Realtor I have helped a number of my clients get a "General Idea" of the value looking back...but, if this is for the IRS (say a date of death value) a qualified appraiser is the way to go. So if it's informal a Realtor can help, if truly important an appaiser is your best best!

How can I find out what my home value was for end of year 2008?


If you need a value for legal purposes, such as a "date of death value"you will want to contact an appraiser otherwise you can probably go with a realtors analysis also called a cma (though it of course would be using information from 2008).

my bank refused to to do any modifications, they said that they were not doing them anymore.


I am surprised to hear they are not doing loan modifications anymore, then again we're talking about a bank and after several years of delaing with them for both loan mods and short sales you can hear just about anything.My suggestion is that you call again and dig deeper, chances are good that you talked to a low level phone person...if you get the same answer again ask for their name and id number then say you want to talk with a surpervisor.Is this a local bank or a large national?Hope this helps...Jon Denney"The Arizona Pros"