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11/20/2013 - kepart
Bought a Condo home in 2013 for approximately $1.025M in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA.

Joy Liu was our buyer’s agent for our San Francisco condo purchase in August 2013. She did an outstanding job and we have no hesitations whatsoever recommending her.

We were very selective in choosing an agent. We first read reviews like the ones you’re reading now to narrow the field down to ten candidates. We then did a phone interview with each one. They were all good, but Joy stood out in how she showed a great understanding of the San Francisco real estate market, answered our questions well, and asked good questions back to understand our needs. We felt very comfortable with her.

And we continued to be impressed as we worked together. She grew up in San Francisco, in a family that has always been involved in real estate (her father is also a realtor, and her mom manages properties). She also has a good sense for the current trends, which became very helpful when we discussed bidding strategies. Even more impressive than that, though, was how she seemed to have many special connections to different properties we were considering. For example, we discussed an open house that we had visited before contacting her, and it turned out that she was representing the buyers on it. And when we found the property that we ultimately purchased, she already knew the building because she had helped a former client purchase a unit there a couple years back.

Joy also impressed us by how she accommodated our particular needs. My wife and I are both pretty analytical, and Joy helped us find data that we could use to do some detailed market analysis to understand how much to bid. Our situation was also a bit unusual because one of us worked for a mortgage lending company, so we were able to get a special type of financing. But Joy had been through this before with other clients, so when it came time to write an offer, she was careful to make sure that the escrow period lasted just long enough to cover the extra processing time, but not too long as to make our offer uncompetitive. She worked very well with the loan officer we had selected, even though they had never worked together before.

Like any good agent, she had connections to key contractors, like a locksmith and building inspector. But what was special was that she was able to find and book them very quickly, even with our tight buying schedule. She continued to help us out even after escrow closed, helping to coordinate some maintenance on our place when we were on vacation, before we moved in.

And the most amazing thing was that she was always available, usually getting back to us within minutes. Talking with her it was clear that she had several other clients, yet somehow she always managed to make it feel like we were the only ones.

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05/05/2013 - user3280771
Sold a home in 2013 in Downtown, San Francisco, CA 94108.

I am a Brazilian that sold a property in San Francisco with Joy never having to leave Sao Paulo to do this. I had no knowledge of how to sell property in the USA and particularly in California.

Joy made all the difference with her local knowledge - such as: * Going directly to the building administrators to obtain the many disclosures we need. * Dealing with the HOA to obtain documents and to allow me to enter escrow. * Explaining to me and guiding me through the process of escrow, how to deal with HOA, property taxes and mortgage payments in anticipation of escrow. * Explaining to me in details and guiding me through the complex process of withholding taxes in the USA and CA as well as obtaining a TIN.

She has expertise in the process of selling such as: * Obtaining a handyman to fix what looked bad, * Obtaining rented furniture o dress up the apartment for open houses * Requesting the light and gas be turned on to be able to better show prospective buyers how the apartment looks functionally. * Obtaining signatures from the seller in Brazil and the buyer in China, each not having to come to San Francisco to conclude the sale.

She has excellent negotiaion skills such as convincing me that I should put a smaller listing price, then increase the final price through dispute rather than what we do in Brazil of listing at a price higher than the expected final sale price.

Her responsiveness was not only immediate - her proactiveness and her ability to do the things herself were a material difference for someone dealing with the sales and living thousand of miles away.

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08/24/2012 - chilger
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $800K in Mission Terrace, San Francisco, CA.

We met Joy by chance. My wife and I met her as a family of two and now our daughter has a beautiful house to share with her parents.

As a native San Franciscan, Joy comes with a reliable network of lenders, contractors, pest inspectors, plumbers and locksmiths to support any buyer (or seller). Hindsight showed us that the choreography between all these parties makes a tremendous difference when formulating an offer and, eventually, navigating escrow.

She made the effort to get to know our needs in order to properly convey our intentions when it came time to communicate with the seller's agent -- an amazing feat considering the short time we had been a team.

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03/07/2011 - sazzzlers
Bought a Condo home in 2011 in South San Francisco, CA.

Joy is honest, knowledgeable and professional. She understood my needs and found the place which was right for me. I appreciated her input and advice on property costs, disclosures and escrow paperwork.

She actually spent 5 hours with me going over 1,000 pages of disclosures and explained how the bylaws applied to me. She recommended efficient, honest movers, handymen and repairmen.

We called and emailed Joy at least 3-5 times a day to view homes and to ask multiple questions and she responded quickly and informatively.

She always made me feel I had choices within my budget.

I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family as a realtor.

She made the nervous anxiety of purchasing a home a pleasant experience.

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03/04/2011 - Mayywong
Bought a home in 2011 in Westborough, South San Francisco, CA 94080.

I highly recommend Joy Liu for your real estate needs. Joy was very attentive, compassionate to our needs and wants, very accommodating in being available morning, evening, rain or shine.

I would definitely use her again and again. Joy is the best!

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03/03/2011 - patty543
Bought a home in 2010.

I purchased my second investment property with Joy and I can say with confidence that she is a great agent. She's professional, knowledgeable and accurate about property market conditions and knows San Francisco very well. During escrow, we had to deal with a difficult seller and Joy handled these difficult situations easily. I was most impressed with her estimations on property values - her opinions were accurate and supported with facts. Joy has my trust and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone searching for find a home.

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02/27/2011 - AlexLustberg
Sold a Single Family home in 2008 for approximately $1.125M in Mill Valley, CA.

I have bought and sold three houses with Joy and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Joy is a consummate professional who combined deep market and transaction expertise with a highly personable and intuitive style. i have been impressed with Joy's thorough approach to market analysis, marketing, negotiation, and customer service. In every transaction I have worked with her on, she has provided very accurate assessments of potential outcomes, and always produced deals that i have felt very good about. Of special note, Joy has always gone "abve and beyond" what I would expect of any agent, pretty much taking care of any issue large and small that has come up during the buying/sale process, from dealing with sensitive HOA matters to fixing obscure welds prior to sale. She is open to discussion and always is honest - a rare quality in a market filled with transaction-orieneted people. She has earned my repeat business!

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