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02/28/2014 - mikeotero
General contracting.

JP Custom Carpentry just recently finished a complete renovation on our recently purchased home in North Hills (Raleigh), NC. When we purchased the home we really liked the exterior and the location was unbelievable just next to North Hills Mall –but the home being build in the late 1960’s was really showing its age internally. We brought in four different contractors to come forward with ideas and price quotes – and after finalizing plans and pricing Joe came in at the best overall value for concept and money. At over 3,300 sq. feet – the complete renovation was a significant undertaking. We basically gutted every room and bathroom in the house. All bathroom vanities, wall removal, complete rewiring plumbing work, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and floors. All the carpets were striped and the original hardwoods completely restored. Areas that did not have hardwoods were perfectly matched by Joe to the point you would never know they were not original. Joe did flawless work on the floors. I’m very picky on details and Joe hit the look perfectly. We also had a custom floor done in the foyer and kitchen from a concept we found on the Internet – and Joe was also 100% on this piece as well. It actually turned out better than we’d hoped and was better than the original concept. No doubt that Joe is an expert on the floors. We also gutted the entire kitchen with the exception of the original cabinets. Joe refinished them and added trims to make them look better than newly bought versions. The sunroom was refinished and is actually probably the nicest room in the house now. Overall the attention to detail was very good. I wish we would have had more time to finish some things differently, but I compressed the entire renovation to just over 2.5 months – so I tied Joe’s hands on some of the things that needed to be done. Joe was very flexible on the changes to the original scope, which was helpful to us – and Joe also came forward with ideas that he could do and prices along the way for things we’d not thought of on our own. Considering the entire price tag was just over 6 figures, the total overruns on items not changed by us were less than $5k – so he was pretty much right on with his initial estimate. The smaller overages were due to items like wiring changes and trims that could not be estimated properly due to being hidden from site at the time of quotation. Basically – no hidden costs that many contractors try to stick you with after the build starts. One of the most impressive pieces was that I was overseas during the entire process – so Joe was on the honor system for most of the process. Thankfully my mother-in-law was nearby to “drive” the process – and Joe’s staff treated her very well. Joe was 100% above board and very trustworthy. He delivered exactly what he said he would do. I had to leave back overseas before the final punch list was complete – but at this point about 99% is complete with a few small items remaining. I already paid all the money due and have no hold back and I’m not evenly slightly concerned that Joe won't come back and finish the small outstanding items remaining. He’s even agreed to repaint the garage floor damaged by the movers – when it was really not his issue. So, he’s willing to be flexible to ensure a happy client. I would recommend Joe to anyone in Raleigh looking for a solid trustworthy contractor that does what he’s says he’s going to do and finish the job in a complete and timely manner. I would definitely use Joe again if I had additional work – and would be happy to serve as a reference to Joe for any people interested in his services. Thank you JP Custom Carpentry! Mike and Kitty, North Hills (December 2013)

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