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Should Seller's Realtor be available to help us (buyers) when needed


In my experience your agent should or could of had someone from her office open the door or attend the inspection.  If it were my listing I would want a licensed agent in the property while the inspection took place due to liability issues.....if it were your home would you want people in your home unsupervised?  Best of luck

Seller protection


In my experience it will depend how your listing contract is written.  Most contracts allow the seller to walk or terminate if they do not agree to inspection repairs or allow the buyer to accept your home"'as is". May a suggest you sit down with your agent and have an open conversation about how you are feeling to see if you can remedy the situation.  In Colorado, you and your agent would have to discloses material facts about the home to new buyers should any be uncovered and you walk from your current contract.  Not sure about the laws in your of luck

Should we finish bathroom in basement?


In my experience buyer want a bathroom on each floor.  If there is not a bathroom in the basement you would normally benefit by adding a bathroom.  Best of luck

Can I swap my high end appliances for cheaper ones when I sell my house?


In my experience you have two issues one is an ethical issue and the other is how your contract is written.....assuming the appliances did not show up in any of your photos....if you believe in karma I would keep what the y buyers saw in place.  Talk to your agent and get some guidance

Our broker took the buyer and seller commision and made mistakes causing the sale to be rejected...


Woow.  In my experience I would check how the listing contract is written then verify the buyers had the agent the entire time and the agent presented all the offer contract.  If that is all in order I would, in this order; 1.  contact the listing agent and ask for an explanation  2. if the explanation did not line up I would then contact the state regulatory agency to ask for guidance or file a grievance.  Best of luck