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Properties shown as "Pending


If you contact me I can send a link to you that will show the true status of  listings.  It is true that listings sometimes change from Active to Pendng, then back to Active again, or as a lease, but it is most often for legitimate reasons, although there are always some who do not abide by the rules.  Let me know if you would like for me to set up the link for you. It would be a pleasure.Katherine

What is the process for buying a REO owned home?


Buying REOs is much easier than short sales. Typically,the transaction takes as long as a standard sale (30-45days). The banks usually respond in a week or so, but again, this varies. The main difference between REOs and standard sales is that one buys the property - as is-. The banks do not want to make any repairs.  If you let me know which area you are considering buying in I can send some listings to you and explain the process more fully.  Thank you. Katherine

how can i schedule an open house for a rental?


Thank you for  your reply. Obviously I know it is scheduled with the owner. My questions concerned Zillow. You have stated Zillow does not offer the function of scheduling an oh on its site, unlike Trulia. Thank you.