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I must say. This loan officer gave the most honest rate quote. The fees are very reasonable and the rate is low. I have received some quotes from other lenders that have rates that are lower, but they trick you with very high fees. Ricky is also very responsive in returning calls and answering questions. He is very patient with the number question I have. Currently the property I am looking at is in-habitable. Ricky is very knowledgeable and told me the truth regarding the difficulty of my loan because of the situation of the property. I am looking to see if I can find additional funds to fix up the fixer-upper home that I am looking at. Otherwise I am going to look for a home that is in move in condition and I will definitely look for Ricky again in processing my pre-approval. Thank you for your great work and HONESTLY. It is a hard thing to find in the current mortgage and market situation.More Less