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Keith Kiefer wrote:

I like a older home that is on the, but am thinking i would like to put in a half bath on 1st floor.

I specialize in Cleveland Heights homes as I live in the community and would be happy to discuss various renovation ideas as we look through homes.  I also have a list of contractors that would be happy to join a second showing before writing an offer to give you an estimate on repairs/improvements.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.
November 27 2012

What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-MJWFZJC

Are you applying for a loan to purchase a home?  If so, you can shop around to get pre approved for thirty days with your credit only being hit for one inquiry.  We have an excellent in house finance manager that can most likely beat any competitors rate!  Please send me a private message wth your contact info if you would like more info.  If you are asking a different question, please clarify and I will answer it the best I can.
January 26 2012

how would I have an idea of what my house would appraise for

I apologize, I posted the answer from my phone and didn't realize that I was signed in under my personal account. I am a real estate agent with Howard Hanna working out of the Cleveland Heights office. Please click on my profile for additional info. Thanks!
September 21 2011