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Keith Wagner & Nancy Puse wrote:

Do I need a realtor to purchase a Fannie Mae property?

It is always recommended that you have your own REALTOR regardless of whether you are buying a Fannie Mae property or an individual resale. You need to be assured that you have someone that is working for you and your best interest and someone that will get you the best deal available. Not to mention all the logistics, paperwork, and process that is involved in getting from the offer to the closing table. Best of luck in your search.Keith Wagner
June 08

Why does Zillow want reviews of real estate agents if they won't publish negative reviews?

We don't know why your review wasn't allowed but can only assume that maybe the language of the review was a problem with zillow. We have seen some real STRONG negative reviews on here so unless zillow has changed recently they will post them. As for zillow wanting the reviews we don't think that it is them but more of it is they promote to the premier agents to request them as it will help them with gaining potential clients. Anyhow, we are sorry for your bad experience and would say to keep trying to get your review through. Best of luck.
March 14 2013
I am a REALTOR and I have my listings on here, one of my listings the clients opted out of the automated value option, so although our MLS allows us to opt them out it appears that Zillow still does it, is there a way to take that off of the listing on Zillow? If not then that means we can't use Zillow for that listing. Thanks.
September 17 2011