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09/15/2014 - myj48
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $275K in Kent, WA.

Keith has shown excellent attention to detail, and been very responsive to my needs/concerns, but his best attribute was standing firm in his negotiating the sale price, even when I was unsure, saving me a bundle of money. he has helped us both buy and sell a home. We would highly recommend this agent to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home

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09/09/2014 - nichollejaquith
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $300K in Fife, WA.

Working with Keith Johnson is a wonderful experience. Our relationship started several years before we bought our home. Keith did not blow us off because we were not ready to ‘Buy now’; instead Keith provided us valuable contacts to prepare for homeownership. Keith would follow up with us with his positive encouraging attitude and outlook on the home market.

When we were ready to be homeowners Keith spent time with us understanding our goals and wish list items. From there he setup daily auto emails for us to review then we could let him know what homes we wanted to see.

When we found the home we wanted to purchase Keith walked us through the steps and how quickly we could make an offer. Keith was critical in negotiating final terms and add-ins that we honestly believe would not have happened if Keith did not represent us.

Keith’s knowledge, professional approach on how he related us, the seller and our mortgage lender was apparent and that is why he IS a leader in the realtor industry. Keith stands out with how engaged he is and you can see and feel his desire to add value to each person he encounters. Keith genuinely cares you succeed and his proven success illustrates that.

We highly recommend Keith Johnson and anytime we hear someone is thinking about selling or buying a home we tell them to call Keith. –Kevin & Nicholle Jaquith, proud & thankful Fife Homeowners.

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09/05/2014 - cdvest
Listed, but didn't sell my home in 2014.

Keith, was very knowledgable & professional about the current real-estate market in our area. He provided an extensive list of comps for our neighborhood which was helpful in setting the list price.

He provided a basic list of how to prepare our house and a professional photographer to film our house for the MLS which turned out great.

Our house sold in 3 days!!!!

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07/19/2014 - Rich and Yong
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $375K in Federal Way, WA.

From the time we first met Keith at an open house he was doing we were impressed by his friendliness and knowledge of the market. We were looking on our own and not sure when we would be deciding to buy or were. keith handed us his business card and told us to let him know and he would be more than glad to help. In 2013 we decided it was now time and I found that I still had his card and so we gave him a call and remembered us from the previous year.Thought the whole process Keith was very patient and understanding because we had so many different directions we were going in and not very well focused at the time.Keith kept searching and researching different homes and homes we saw. It was in Mid 2014 around May, he showed us a house in Federal Way that was on an auction site and after visiting it several times he helped us with making the offer and counter offers. We were out bid but thanks to Keith and his positive spirit he said that he would kee working with us to right the right house and the previous house came back on the market and we tried again but were out bid and Keith was consoling and felt bad we didn't get it again. A few days later he calls with joy and told us the bank was accepting our offer and we got the house. Up until the time of closing he helped us with weverything. I would recommend him to anyone who would need a great real estate agent because that would be Keith.

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07/15/2014 - Nikjuls
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $375K in Northeast Tacoma, Tacoma, WA.

We highly recommend Keith to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and willing to go above and beyond. He was always available when we had questions or concerns, I don't think it ever took more than 30 minutes for him to return a call day, night or weekend.

He was a great guide when we were looking for homes, no pressure to make an offer on a particular home or to make an immediate decision. He stood back and let us look at each house, but had really informed answers to any questions we might have about the home.

He recommended excellent home inspectors and was able to get the ball rolling on inspection and appraisal much faster than expected.

We are also confident that he was able to negotiate the best possible price for us – he is a great negotiator and loves that part of the process.

When we did go through the buying process we had some issues with the sellers – they signed the contract and then later decided they needed to close earlier and wanted us to sign an addendum to the contract. However, our lender advised us that they would not continue the loan process if we changed the contract and that they were likely unable to close any earlier than the original, agreed upon date.

The sellers' real estate agent was rude and threatening (you have to do this or we're backing out) in trying to get us to agree to the earlier date/addendum. Keith professionally and politely explained to her that our lenders would not allow us to redo the contract. She did not communicate this to the sellers and they thought we were simply being unreasonable. She continued to send quite nasty, demanding emails to Keith and even contacted his managing agent to complain.

Keith handled all of this coolly and professionally, responding to everyone involved with polite and helpful answers. The sellers contacted him, quite upset about the issue and he even took the time to explain to them everything their agent had not communicated with them. They took to calling him with questions and he always made time to speak with them, answer their questions, and talk them off the ledge. All of this was not a part of Keith's job, it really was their agent's responsibility, but he took the time to deal with them for their benefit and ours.

Of course, because of the issues, we also had a larger than average amount of questions and concerns, and took a lot of Keith's time, he was always glad to speak to us and help us. He even gave us advice and guidance when our mortgage company was giving us conflicting information. I'm quite sure he was a listening ear for quite a lot of just plain venting as well! Even after the sale went through he was happy to listen to our concerns – the house was filthy and there was some damage – although his part in the matter was certainly over.

We would recommend him without reservation to anyone. These days it's rare to find such stellar customer service, and Keith is an expert in both real estate and in providing his clients with a positive buying/selling experience.

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07/15/2014 - birdsongrichard
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $300K in Kent, WA.

We worked with Keith for over 2 years looking and looking for a house for me and Sarah. We would call him with an address and he would go out of his way to show it to us as soon as he could even on Sundays after church. He was always very patent with us never trying to sway us one way or the other just let us look and look until we finally found just the right price and the right layout. It was a pleasure working with Keith an now we consider him one of our friends not just a relator. I would highly recommend Keith to anyone looking for a house .

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07/12/2014 - oneredrosielalala
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $350K in Enumclaw, WA.

Keith Johnson was always ready and willing to show us homes even last minute he would find the time.Very plesant to be around and he has a great sense of humor. He's a wonderful agent who we would highly recomend .

Thank you, Rose & Craig

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07/12/2014 - lemckesarah
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $300K in Kent, WA.

Keith is expert at his trade, his office is close by which made signing forms a breeze. Everything went thru as planned and he even negotiated the price a little lower for us which really helps. I was pleased with the whole experience and very glad we picked Keith for our realty needs. I am sure he's as good selling a home as he is helping to buy a home. Keep up the good work Keith!!! and thanks again.

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06/21/2014 - EricCamacho
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $250K in Tacoma, WA.

Keith worked very hard to make sure we found exactly what we were looking for. He answered questions thoroughly. If we were able to stump him, he was quick to get the right information to us. We wanted a lot of hand holding though the process and he was kindly accommodating. I would recommend Keith to my family as well as my friends.

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05/17/2014 - user80594190
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $225K in Tacoma, WA.

Keith was absolutely fantastic Negotiation skills were superb. Keith was able to get my house for 5k less then listed after it was already dropped 10k 3 days before. on top of that he also got the seller to pay for 5k in closing.

Always available to help me anytime i needed. i work a afternoon shift from 3:00pm to 11:30pm. so my free time is hard to work around. Keith was able to work around my schedule like it wasn't even a problem.

In short i would Strongly recommend all my friends and family to him.

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