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Can an 18 year old who has never filed taxes get a 1st time buyer mortgage?


chances are you do not have the required lines of credit lenders often require.  Therefore it would be extremely difficult even without tax returns to  get a loan.  You may need to look at hard money lending which is extremely hard to get, large down payments required and high interest rate, short term financing.  

Want to start process to buy new home during refinance of current home


depending on the state you are located in you will have different restrictions on the equity out portion of the transaction.  Also, this could hurt your DTI (debt to income).  Many of the lenders I know require payment history of the rental income to offset the monthly payment on your rental property.  At this point you would not have a tax return showing the rental history of your current home.  Speak with your local expert and explain what you want to do.

Help with Contract


Cash from Buyer(down payment) = 7,525.00Buyer loan amount (financed amount) = 207,475.00total sales price = 215,000.00you will have closing costs from your lender, appraisal, recording, attorney, insurance, escrow account and title fees, the $6,000.00 from the seller will be used towards those fees, not the sales price.the commission isn't a buyer charge ignore that as the seller is paying that.So, your required down payment contribution, 7,525.00 + 207,475.00 (loan amount) = your offer 215,000.00.hope this helps if not please call me I am an Escrow Officer and work closing HUDs daily,Best of luck

I have a Zillow account that is completely set up.

I forgot my password.  I went in and found a comment I left on a question from a buyer and clicked contact agent.  I verified the email address is  however when I clicked forgot password it doesn't show email address in use.  Therefore I had to open new account.