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My business philosophy is simple & to the point...
To give my clients the highest level of service & satisfaction
when it comes to their Real Estate needs
I want them to feel good about what I feel is
one of the most important decisions
they will make in their lives...
I also want them to feel so confident in my abilities
they will not hesitate to use me again
& will recommend me to any person who asks them
for a qualified Real Estate agent!

I have expertise & knowledge of a broad spectrum of communities
From the Northside of Chicago, the North Shore, the NW suburbs & the upscale Western suburbs...
I help people making their very 1st purchase... be it a townhome, condo, or a house
I help people who want a bigger house or a different house - or who want to explore a new community
I help people looking for a smaller place too...
I specialize in assisting transferees - with my knowledge of so many different areas
No need to have several agents to deal with...
Also whether you want Old & Charming
or you want New & Dazzling…
I can help you!

I want to assist you in all of your Real Estate matters!
Want to buy... want to sell?
I want to be the person who can help you realize your goals & dreams!
& if you ever have any questions or thoughts involving Real Estate...
no matter what it is... please feel free to contact me!
I am here to help you…Thanks!
Kent Palan
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