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If I sell my home at a loss, can I roll the balance into the new home loan mortgage?


  Home loans are not currently done with negative equity. Without more information, I think you should remain where you are to increase the equity in your current home and in time the market will turn to your benefit.  If you do decide to sell at a loss and have the funds for a down payment of a new home your loss will even out with the deal you will receive by buying in a declining market not to mention the low interest rates. Good uck 

9303 Holden Lane, Bratenahl, OH 44108


I looked the property up and it is a half of a townhouse duplex.  It is not activly for sale on the market today and the buyer could assume the conversion to a single family home.  A Zestimate is a computer generated number and is not valid when actually figuring out the true value by the county and or appraiser. Good Luck

What does a title search consist of?


a Title search will cover all of the above and more!!  The title search is done to clear title so it is available for the new buyer to take title.  Title insurance is also a safe guard against hidden defects in title!!  Good Luck

Tell us how you market to special events like Holidays "Black Friday Sales"


I will be shopping and having a great time!!  I will also be interacting with hundreds of people.  I am quite sure the topic of Real Estate will come up in more than one check out line!!  If it is not me striking up the conversation my husband will be chimming in on the mortgage end of it, he is a lender.  There are Great times to be had on Black Friday!! 

Our entire neighborhood is listed in the wrong community. How to get it fixed?


Zillow only gives an zestimate of home worth not to be overly concerened with that but to get the city and school changed go to the bottom of your question page and near the bottom middle right there is a help link with options to choose from and that should give you a good start to getting your problem solved.  Good Luck