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kk0711 wrote:

Home equity loan on townhome style condo -85% ltv?

@Jeremy, Thanks for your reply. We have a killer first mortgage rate so not looking to refi for such a relatively small amt. maybe will have to wait 6 mos for value to go up some more and our principal to go down.
August 20 2013
Home equity loan on townhome style condo -85% ltv?
We were in process of securing a home equity loan and even had to pay $395 for a walk through home appraisal which came in as expected. Now being told that since our property is considered a condo will only give 80% ltv which is not enough for the 30k we want. Our credit scores are average. Anyone know of home equity loans available at 85% for a "condo" in the CA Bay Area? Thanks!
August 19 2013