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can you get a loan on a home that has a cistern but no well


good question... From my understanding you probably cant get a loan with out doing a construction loan to add a well. I know fully covered cisterns that are spring feed will pass but since you will be hauling the water in that's a different situation. This is a good question to ask your lender, if anyone. They can give you complete terms and conditions of the loans they provide. We as agents try but in the end the lender should know more than us about this. I know they have options for alternative energy served properties but potable water is very important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Klickitat County Washington History

Klickitat County Washington HistoryKlickitat Indian HistoryThe Klickitat (also spelled Klikitat) are a Native American tribe of the Pacific Northwest. A Shahaptian tribe, their eastern neighbors were the Yakama, who speak a closely related language. Their western neighbors were various Salishan and Chinookan tribes. Their name has been perpetuated in Klickitat County, Washington, Klickitat, Washington, Klickitat Street in Portland, Oregon, and the Klickitat River, a tributary of the Columbia River. Getting to know Klickitat County!Click here to read 14 page full version.

What makes hunting property valuable?

I think it's location and wildlife for each buyer... But of course you can't hunt all the animals in the world off one property but maybe your favorite, close to home spot.They are plotting against us...

Who pays for the title report and why should they?

I had a seller ask me yesterday, "why do i have to pay for the title report?" I said becuase you need to show and insure to your buyer you can provide clear title and report to them any burdens. What do you think?

Does water retention impact the house price?


you should alsways do your homework on any property with water that can indanger the land or home you are purchasing. I would also check into flooding from the pond and surrounding area's from goverment sites and maybe the local libary which most are online now. Ad well as the other suggestions made.... Good luck in your venture, Pretty home, I see why you like it.... Ask about the bugs from the water....

Predicting further decrease in SFR Inventory


hmmmm in my area Foreclosures are not in abundance and hard to find.... so we have little on the self for these which i hope the foreclosure freeze doesnt take more off my market...  

Timber Value VS Traditional "Fair Market Value" in Land Sales


Good input. Thats the problem with special properties such as timber, water rights and minerials, they are in a class of their own and should be treated that way.... Zillow thinks it knows my market but it's way off... I spend allot of time explaining to people why they are off... I have yet to find a land site that caters to my needs as a land Broker. All these sites are set up for home sales brokers in the city. Most my properties dont have address and their mapping programs can't even begin to deal with that, then they want to know how many bedrooms and baths, just cracks me up.... I tell people they are great places to find listings but not to way any more than that into them... 

Timber Value VS Traditional "Fair Market Value" in Land Sales

Many times you see land sold with marketable timber and no one ever accounts for the value of the timber. I can say i sell land all the time that has a degree of timber value and it is not configured in the price. Most land sales you pull from listing services to get a traditional "fair market Value" do not configure the timber. Hmmm food for thought.... Can something be done about this or should it even be a visited issue?

Should the state be able to take your water rights away?

The current rule is if you dont use them you loose them even after they are intrusted with the state to hold them while they are unclaimed. I feel if you own a water right it should be your untill you sell it or trun it back to the state. I dont beleive they should be able to come in and say well your not using all your water rights so we are going to take what your not using.... I say BULL on that!!!!