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How do I get use the conforming loan limit of $506K for King County, WA? Zillow shows these as jumbo

I don't think you'll have too much trouble getting that quote as long as zillow has the zip code for the city you want to finance. Personally, I check the Zip code and match it up to max loan amount available. Any good loan officer will do that for you, those who quote jumbo are not really doing their best to get you the best deal. The "auto reply" quotes are not too helpful. typically, my rate is about an .125th - .25 higher in rate than a normal conforming limit. Jumbo pricing isn't as strong.Good luck to you!
February 15 2009
wrong amount of rooms listed for my house
How do I correct the amount of bedrooms listed.  It states I have a four bedroom house, but it is a five bedroom house
October 06 2008
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