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is the house on forclorser


Hello Candy,We need an address to check that information for you.  Please click on my profile and it will allow you to submit your  questionKamal

should I sell or rent out my house?


Before you shoukd find out what your goal is. Are you moving away? Downsizing? Will the money be better off in savings? I help clients achive their overall goals by listening and looking at all options with my clients. I would welcome an oppurtunity to sit down with you and discuss your best option.

Property worth


Hello...any of us would be willing to interview with you as you should find an agent who is knowledgable in real estate and someone who you feel comfortable working with. If you like..i can provide you with a free market analysis to help you get started. I would also love an oppurtunity to interview :)

What commission is typical for contra costa on homes above 1M


There is no set commission rate..i have seen varying flucutions house per house. 4 - 6% is common. Please check all information and contracts before signing with discount brokerages. You should also know the market rate of your you shoud deal with someone who is honest..and will guide you on best how to sell your house and make the next phase easier. I can provide a free market analysis to help you get started.