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08/12/2012 - user5940942
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 in South Lamar, Austin, TX.

We went with Tali Randolph from the Goodlife Team based on a close friend's recommendation when we decided to relocate from San Diego to Austin last March. From the beginning, Tali was extremely personable, professional, knowledgable, and very concerned with determining our needs. We weren't all that familiar with the area or the schools, and she did a wonderful job educating us on all that was available so that we could choose what our priorities were in house hunting, and what areas we were interested in. This was our first time buying a home, and she was amazing at explaining things to us with unending patience. We had a terrific experience with Tali who tied up all loose ends, including any that weren't really her responsibility. She and her team were so helpful and always there to answer questions. The Goodlife Team assigns another team member to solely help guide you through the documents process, and it is such a wonderful addition. Abby MacCord, our contract to close coordinator, was so helpful and communicated directly with our bank and the title company to ensure a very smooth transaction. I highly recommend Tali Randolph and The Goodlife Team and plan to use them again if ever the need arises.

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07/13/2012 - user0100991
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 in Pflugerville, TX.

We used the Goodlife Team to sell my grandmother's house two years ago and had such a wonderful experience that when it came time for my husband and I to finally purchase our first home together we didn't even think of anyone else. We called Tali Randolph as soon as we were ready to get started. She was amazing then and she was equally if not more amazing helping us find our perfect home.

It only took a few weeks to find the home we wanted. Unfortunately someone else wanted it as well and we lost the house (or so we thought). I was so disappointed, but she stayed positive and told us not to give up, our house was out there and she would find it. As it turns out after that NOTHING came up that fit what we wanted in the area we wanted. It was almost like somone had turned out the lights, but she didn't give up and wouldn't let us give up either. She just kept looking for houses and staying positive, which helped me tremendously! A week or so later she called and said that we may still have a shot at the house! I don't know what happened, but she stayed on top of things and kept in touch with us and within a few days, she called again and we got our house! She is our miracle worker and I can't thank her enough. Everyone else that we worked with getting to that closing table was just as friendly and open as Tali but at the same time just as meticulous and professional at the same time. Gena kept me from going insane trying to read through all of the paperwork and Ginger made sure all of the I's were dotted and T's were crossed and ALL of the paperwork was done. Our experience didn't stop after closing either! Tali, Gena and Abby are still just as happy to answer questions and help with issues since we moved in as they was before we bought the house

From our first meeting trying to figure out what we needed/wanted all the way through to the closing Tali was always there and was fantastic! She knows her stuff and is very professional and knowledgable but never intimidating. It was like going to look for houses with one of your best friends except better because she knows the market and what to look for and what to ask. I could go on and on. Our experience was that good. I would highly recommend Tali to anyone that is looking to buy or sell.

Kym E., Pflugerville, TX

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07/02/2012 - user4717274
Bought a home in 2012.

My boyfriend, Joseph Mattingly, and I just went through the buying process under the tutelage of Carlos and Josh, and I have to tell you what an absolutely phenomenal experience we had. I had worked with Josh for the past few years in securing places to rent, and I felt like I'd have to 'cheat' on him since Joseph and I always knew we'd use Carlos as our buying representative. It was such a perfect surprise when we found out that not only had Josh been hired on by the GoodLife Team, but that he'd be working alongside Carlos to help us find our new place! Of course you all work with buyers every day, but a first time home purchase is, as you know, a huge decision, and it wasn't one that Joseph and I entered into lightly. Having these two sharp, incredibly knowledgable, eager agents at our beck-and-call made all the difference in the world. We never once felt out of the loop or like we needed more information. If we had a question, they were there. If I wanted to go by a place last minute just to show my mom (the interior designer), they were there. Josh's sharp memory, keen eye for detail, and uncanny ability to see potential in a place is unmatched, and Carlos's personable professionalism and ability to make us at ease despite such a large decision cannot be overstated. Josh remembered the condo that we ended up purchasing while we were looking at a different property; he knew we weren't satisfied with what we'd seen, so he made a quick call and on a complete whim we went by what turned out to be our new home. He sensed a little bit of discouragement in us and had that discouragement gone within fifteen minutes. When we added Carlos into the conversation about said condo, Carlos led us seamlessly through making our offer and our option period details, all while giving us crucial information about property values and appreciation, as well as practical advice (us: 'But can we fit a baby in here if we need to in a few years?' Carlos: 'Yes, and let me tell you how and why, etc.'). Being on a budget and looking for a non-fixer-upper in central Austin seemed like a near impossibility, but I can honestly say (even though I despise the cliché and accidental rhyming) that Carlos and Josh were our own personal dream team. When our appraisal came in low, Josh worked his skinny little tail off pulling recent comps and neighborhood research to ensure we got it adjusted to get our correct loan amount covered. Oh, and we didn't even find out about that until we closed today and Gena brought it up (Gena was also fabulous, helpful, and irreplaceable, by the way). I have literally never heard of a home buying process going as smoothly as ours did (we're even spending less money than we had budgeted), and I could gush about Carlos and Josh for at least a few more pages. Saying 'thank you' is such an understatement, but nonetheless: thank you, thank you, for creating an outstanding team that was able to lead us into the next stage of our lives with such patience, ease, and ability. I think...I think we love you.

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12/29/2011 - erynjm
Bought a Multiple Occupancy home in 2011 in Upper Boggy Creek, Austin, TX.

Scott Wiley was so patient and accommodating throughout my nearly two-year (on and off) search for a house! We looked at dozens of properties, most of which I suggested we look at, but we also took a day where he brought me out of my established desired neighborhoods and looked at some great properties at his suggestion. We went through nearly every scenario - a back-up offer, an offer I backed out of, and finally buying a REO house via an online system (scary!) and he was on top of everything every step of the way. When it came to closing, he and Laura, the closing coordinator got everything done on time, even though we were facing a major time crunch before the holidays. Scott made what is a very stressful experience a lot of fun and worry free, and I'd recommend him to anyone.

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12/13/2011 - K. Cloutier
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 in Garrison Park, Austin, TX.

My continuing experience with the GoodLife Team is exceptional. Given this was my first home purchase, I had many questions. Everyone I dealt with was assuring and very patient. They led me smoothly through the process while always taking the time to answer my questions. Most importantly, even after closing and moving in, my agent continues to call, ensuring that I am happy and offering his help in any regard. That's great service. I have already made a few referrals without hesitation.

Kudos to the entire Team for your professionalism, responsiveness, patience and understanding.

Kevin C.

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12/12/2011 - aliciabi
Bought a Condo home in 2011 in Montopolis, Austin, TX.

Wendy, "Youuuu did it!!!" (Do you remember the song from the movie "My Fair Lady"?) Your service was right on target, brilliant, helpful, kind and knowledgeable from the first phone call until the last detail of the closing. You are an exemplary real state agent. (and so young!) A million thanks, Alicia Bilder (To Wendy Jansky)

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Response from Krisstina on 12/13/2011

Alicia- I sent Wendy your review, and thank you for working with us! We appreciate you! Krisstina Wise



12/07/2011 - arvillarreal
Sold a Condo home in 2011 in Montopolis, Austin, TX.

I bought my condo from the GoodLife Team in 2005 and had a great experience with them. When I decide I was ready to sell it and buy a house, I called up Scott Wiley to get the process started. Within 3 weeks of listing the condo, I had two offers plus found the perfect house for me. Selling and buying is never easy and probably the most stressful time! The team made it stress-free, handled and organized everything for me, just a well skilled and precise team. They really define the word TEAM.

Thank you Scott, Shawn and the whole GoodLife Team for your dedication! Annette Villarreal

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Response from Krisstina on 12/13/2011

What a pleasure to work with you again, I know Scotty and the whole team was pleased we could help. Thank you for your continued work with our team! Krisstina Wise



12/05/2011 - dontmesswithtex
Bought a home in 2011 in University of Texas, Austin, TX 78701.

Alisha Minteer did a wonderful job as our buyer's agent (as well as the other staff at Goodlife). As first time buyers, we were unfamiliar with the process in Texas, and weren't sure what to expect as far as the financing process in the current economic climate. At the very outset, Alisha provided a great overview of the process for real estate transactions in Texas, and was always patient and helpful in answering our questions. Alisha and Goodlife's mortgage broker Gena Caudle were very thorough in handling our loan application, ensuring that we were able to get through financing on a tight schedule and with a really good rate!

Alisha really shined in her willingness to make sure we found a property we were totally happy with, and to spend as much time with us as it took to do so. She let us explore our options without trying to push us into anything she could tell we didn't really love, even tirelessly walking around with us for hours at one point in a marathon session to see 10+ properties in the middle of the Texas summer. And she let us come to our own conclusions about how much we were willing to spend to get what we wanted. When we ran into trouble on our first offer with sellers that misrepresented their ability to satisfy the terms of the contract, she did everything she could to make it work anyway. Even when the first offer fell through, recognizing how much we liked the property, she put in extra effort to find an unlisted property almost exactly like it. This was very unexpected, and it is truly not a cliché to say that she went above and beyond for us.

It's also worth mentioning that working with Goodlife really does give you access to a whole team, not just a realtor. If you have an unusual contract condition, they have a lawyer to make sure it's done right. Perhaps you need to try to find an alternative arrangement for a renter before you can close – they have a leasing specialist who can help. Assuming you need them, none of these extra services will require you to pay anything more. We had a great buying experience, and wouldn't hesitate to work with Alisha and Goodlife again in the future!

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Response from Krisstina on 12/13/2011

Wow! Thank you! You described what our company does better than we do! With your permission, I would love to post your review on our website with a photo of you and your new home. Thank you for your trust and appreciation. Krisstina Wise



11/02/2011 - 5015
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 in Austin, TX.

We fell in love with Wendy. She was the perfect combination of friendly and professional. She was extremely helpful and experienced in guiding us to an area of focus. She was thorough, dependable and everything good. We HIGHLY recommend her and feel incredibly grateful to have found her. She was just perfect!!!!!

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Response from Krisstina on 12/13/2011

Thank you! We are so pleased that you had a great experience with Wendy. It's a good life! Krisstina Wise



10/12/2011 - Lucia L.
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 in Zilker, Austin, TX.

My boyfriend and I were ready to purchase our first home several months before we started actually looking but we dragged our feet a little because we weren't looking forward to going through the process of getting a realtor. We were bracing ourselves for never-ending phone calls, pushing us into something we weren't sure we were ready for.

I had heard about The Goodlife Team through our participation in the annual Austin Modern Home Tour (if you've never been, it's fantastic!). Overall, the process was so smooth and exactly what we needed. Alisha Minteer, our agent, listened to what we were looking for, was knowledgeable but not pushy, and allowed us to go through the first-home-buying process at our pace. What we really appreciated was that it seemed she understood what we needed from the beginning. The level of communication wasn't "too much" or "too little", it was perfect. As younger, first time home buyers, we were made to feel confident and secure in our purchasing decisions, we walked away knowing we got a "great deal", and we felt well taken care of.

At one point I remember my boyfriend and I discussing that we felt like it was going TOO smoothly; like we weren't doing something we should have been doing. Whenever we called to ask questions and check on everything, it seemed they were one step ahead. They were reassuring and great at what they do. They worked with our mortgage broker and closing was a breeze. I would recommend Alisha and The Goodlife Team to anyone.

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Response from Krisstina on 12/13/2011

Thank you Lucia! We are so pleased that you had a great experience buying your first home with Alicia. It's a Good Life! Krisstina Wise