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07/08/2014 - lak345
Property managed a home I own.

Kuester really doesn't manage our property. I do not know why we need this management group because our community HOA volunteers are doing all of the work (managing the landscaping, social committees ....) Kuester just collects our money. The system of enforcement of the covenants are not upheld by Kuester but on the whims of the people on the HOA board. When you e-mail an employee at Kuester you get an automated e-mail back and no response from a person. If you call, they give you the run around and then blame the HOA for the miscommunication. They seem extremely unorganized and unconcerned about your requests.

I am still waiting, 1 1/2 months later, for a simple variance request on a fence. The same fence that several other people in this neighborhood have in their back yard. HOA is approving/disapproving things, not Kuester. Get rid of the middle man and save everyone money and aggravation. Kuester is supposed to be overseeing the HOA, not the other way around!
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05/22/2014 - user1186503
Property managed a home I own. Newell, Charlotte, NC

I would never recommend this company to any homeowner. They don't respond to emails or phone calls, they give you the run around on everything, everyone directs you to someone else, nobody can seem to solve any issues. They have an extreme lack of urgency and a lack of any customer service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.  More Less 

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12/11/2013 - paulpodgorski2
Property managed a home I own. First Ward, Charlotte, NC

Awful management company with poor customer service.

Kuester nickel and dimes you for everything. My Condo association was looking to get the complex painted. Kuester quoted a price with their painter that was 4x the rate our HOA president found on his own. Kuester also tacked on an additional 10% fee to "manage" the painting.

I contacted Kuester with both voicemail and email to have exterior boards repaired on my condo, and Kuester's representative for my complex never returned my messages.

Do everything you can to stay away from this company.
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