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What is the future of QR Codes In Real Estate?


In Western Washington I am seeing QR codes popping up more and more. While it is a neat tool, I think at this point they are mostly innefective. We will see interest in QR codes grow for the next couple of years until the next tool comes along. I believe they will go the route of the laser disc player. ( a good idea, but short lived due to technological advances)

SS, Mutual Agreement.


Hi Brittney,I am sorry that your experience with your agent was unnaceptable.  Do not let this discourage you from moving forward with your home search. There are many well qualified, honest agents in your area that can help you through the process. 

does a heat pump add value to my home?


I would say add the heat pump if you want to enjoy it. At this point in the market it would be very difficult to recoup the dollars you will put out for the upgrade.

how do I sell my house with a flat listing agency?


Like all things-"You get what you pay for".  This is a strong buyer's market and sellers do not have the upper hand.  Get yourself great representation and it will pay dividends! 

number of bathrooms


I would check with a local agent to see what is customary in your area. I agree that 3.2 makes no sense but that may be the way they do it where Michele is located. 4 would be the answer if you were in Washington State.

How to Sell your home in a Buyer's Market


This is strictly a price driven market. The first up and bessed dressed home in a particular price block will be the first one to sell. If there are 22 homes in the 275-300K range and your home is middle of the road-be prepared to wait. Get yourself into the 250-275 price block and you may be the best looking home in that range-be prepared to move!