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Is Zestimate fair market value


NO. Zillow's zestimates are usually outdated. Some of these homes have been sold a year or two ago and there are many new updated comparables. Always check with your Realtor if the home you see on Zillow is still available. Fran Harrell- Associate Broker, RealtorRe/Max Professionals (P & B Team)[contact information deleted by Zillow  moderator.  Please see our Good Neighbor Policy]

Can I get a home loan with a 589 credit score and no money down?


Good evening. My name is Fran Harrell, Associate Broker, Realtor in the Lawton/ Fort Sill area. I will be glad to lead you in the right direction to build your credit score. There are loan programs out there with 100% financing such as VA loans and Rural Development. I can easily be reached at; [Contact info removed by moderator]

My current lender wont give me a refi, because the home sits on 15 acres rated A1(Ag). I have a 30


Your situation is common for Oklahoma. If your home + 5 acres will hold the value of what you owe on your mortgage, separate it from the other 10 acres. The home & 5 acres will be rated R1 and the other 10 rated A1, with separate deeds. If you need the $ instead of the land, sell or put the A1 10 up for collateral. However, 5% on $580k is really good. Will the refi justify a positive result after your typical refi cost?