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how do i find what my house is worth?


CMA by a local realtor is best. You could also look at the assessed value on county tax rolls, which are public record and available online. Or you could order an appraisal. 

I really want to trust the landlord' can I verify THEM?

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Go to public records and verify they actually own the house. Link for Big Island is they own the house, it's probably legit. Ask current tenant about his experience renting from them. 

Walk Through


Sammy, don't assume the owner took the toilet. It may have been stolen. Do the sellers have homeowner's insurance to cover the theft?Is the property secured? That would be my top priority at this point. Have one of the real estate agents present for the remainder of the move out to ensure other things aren't taken.If you really want the property, I wouldn't let the toilet, a retail value of $200, kill the deal. In a short sale, money is in short supply so you might have difficulty getting the already distressed sellers to pay.Sure you can cancel the transaction over this, but don't lose sight of the big picture. I would wait until final walk-through to see what you're actually getting.

If I live off island in Hawaii do I have to hire a licensed property manager?


Hawaii law states you must designate someone who lives on the same island as your property manager. Rule recently changed--see link.However, this person may be licensed or unlicensed. I would recommend a licensed person as they are more professional and know the laws, but up to you. Also keep in mind that anyone who manages property for more than one owner is required to hold a real estate license, so it would be a red flag if your manager was unlicensed and provided references for other clients.

How successful are Agent open houses?


Most open houses attract buyer leads for the agent. I have never sold the open house I was sitting to a buyer met at open house.Therefore, although worthwhile, open houses are a very passive way of marketing a home. I prefer door knocking or calling the neighbors, internet marketing, blogging, etc.I agree that broker's opens, which are open houses for real estate professionals, are more effective.

Should I just buy and wait for my home to sell?


Questions:1. Do you have to sell before buying? That is, do you need the equity from your current home in order to purchase a new one?2. When is this job deadline you keep referencing?3. How long has your home been on the market and have you received any offers?4. Would renting your home cover the carrying costs? Remember, you can always hire a property manager to deal with the tenants.