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How long does it take to sell a condo?


The length of time it takes to sell depends upon many factors; the current market, the number of similar units available, the location, the price......  

How do I list for sale by owner?


FSBO seems like it'd be easy, but Realtors are professionals who have the skills,expertise and relationships to properly value your home and to market it widely. They also give invaluable advise on getting your home ready to sell. There's also the issue of scheduling appointments and being there to show prospective buyers your home.  (Among many other things.)  The percentage you pay to the listing agent is well worth it.  Homes that are listed through Realtors tend to sell quicker and for more money. That said, selling FSBO can be alot to take on, especially depending upon your particular market.  Make sure to do your due dilligence before listing your home. The first thing you should probably do is find a good real estate attorney who can guide you in the many steps of the process.

What should I do to get my house sold?


While lots of people do their home search online through sites like Zillow, the personal touch of a local agent who is aware of local market trends can't be overstated. I've set up listing appointments for clients several times, and have thrown in homes I think they would like, too, rather than just setting up what they send me. More than once, the home I added has been the one they ended up purchasing.

Is it ever ok to get a home inspection before a home is under contract?


Sometimes with short sales, it's required that the inspection is done within a certain time frame after the seller has accepted the offer.  However, just because the seller has accepted, doesn't mean the bank will do so. In this situation, you could be wasting your money, but it might make sense to do it before bank approval so you know that the house is worth the wait. 

Buying A Chase Short Sale Property


The bank will ask for a HUD and then see if the numbers make sense. There could be several HUDs requested before the deal is finalized.