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sub terranean termites


Sounds scary, email my friend who works at a pest control company, he can give you some good advice.  His email is:

how to rent with bad credit


Find a for rent by owner and go and meet with the person face to face.  Hope this helps, Good Luck!

what does short sale mean, and how does it work?


Those are excellent answers^^^^^^We call short sales "long sales" because they seem to take forever!I am not short sale specialist and have no desire to be. It is stressful on the buyer, and that is never good.....but if you have the patience and nerve you can get one heck of a deal.

How do I know if my realtor is really trying to sell my house?


We have found that when we list a house the first thing we do is of course have pics taken and put it on the MLS.  Then we take a nice flyer around to every real estate office and town and leave a few on the coffee table, break room etc...We always try and have an agent open house soon afterwards and of course Zillow and our own website and a mass email to all other realtors.Real Estate agents have to be self motivated and yes there is a substantial amount of commission as a reward.  And like Laurel said "we wear many hats" its all about the energy level and self motivation the agent has. Call your agent and ask them to have an agent open house and ask them to please send out a mass email with your listing and for them to CC it to you so you can see who it was all sent to, this should help.I took a trip to the Hershey Plant when I was younger, I like the Hershey Kiss street lights!  Are they still there?

Home modification prior to closing


Get in touch with your agent and your lawyer.  I have a feeling they are pulling a fast one on you by taking fixtures etc....and replacing them with cheap ones.

I am retired military, and I qualify for a VA Home Loan. I also know that my county


I was told (I am not a lender) that something over the VA limit is possible and it is transferred to another company, they call it a VA jumbo loan.  I was told this by another agent so you most definitely want to go to a lender and find out.....maybe one will chime in and help you out.I work in Columbus Ga (Ft. Benning) and we really appreciate what you have done for our country.  Thank You