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Interior Design

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Richard Abbey is the owner of Lift & Stor Beds in Apache Junction, Arizona.

Storage Beds By Lift & Stor Beds
Giving you double the amount of space for storing to be able to hide away the things you need to, keeping it from taking over a whole lot of floor space, and cutting down clutter. The Storage Bed is our very own initial development allowing you to make best use of your rooms, while still looking stylish and working as a bed beautifully! 

Ready Made Wall Beds
Each of our Ready Made Wall Beds are incredibly classy and functional beds may be designed as bookcases, office desks, drop dining tables, and cabinets, made of lovely Oak or Birch. 

The Hidden Bed
This great bed acts as a work area for when you do not have the area for a bed plus a desk! Coming in all designs and styles from Entertainment Center Hidden Beds, to Cabinet Hidden Beds, Bookcase Hidden Beds, and other varieties, as well as the greatest materials such as Oak, Mahogany, Maple and even more. 

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