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Our founder, Ninh Nguyen, has long owned and operated the commercial real estate investment company ND Commercial, LLC. Though he had always used brokers and sales agents to locate the best real estate in the past, he found he was unable to get a hold of many realtors because the realtors themselves were so busy and that he was able to track down and secure some of the best properties for his clients on his own.

His whip-smart wife Jackie suggested he get his own broker's license and provide his level of insight and knowledge of markets to clients, which subsequently led to the founding of LJN Team. The company now offers in-depth analysis and expert management for every aspect of commercial and residential investments from sourcing to sale.

Dr. Nguyen is one of the most informed real estate investment analysts available, holding a B.A. in Economics, an M.A. in Applied Economics, and a Ph.D. in Finance. He is a Certified Senior Advisor and Real Estate Broker and a former Registered Investment Advisor. He was previously licensed for Series 7, 66, 24 and 2. He is the Managing Director of ND Commercial, LLC, where he invests exclusively in retail commercial real estate with returns on equity consistently exceeding 93% per annum.

He is an Exclusive Area Broker of and a Premier Agent here at in Evergreen, San Jose and a member of the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (SCCAOR). An adjunct professor at San Jose State University for over a decade, he teaches consumer behavior, pricing strategy, investments, finance, and economics, and he can explain any financial concept to anyone – his rankings on are a testament to that.

In his spare time, Dr. Nguyen is a lifetime-drug-free natural bodybuilder, which means he has been perfecting his physique naturally and frequently eats out of 2-gallon mixing bowls to accommodate the food volume he needs to consume to maintain his strength building and has competed in drug-tested and drug-free organizations such as the ABA, PNBA, NGA and IFPA. He's also a great cook – which is fortunate, because while his wife is a wicked smart dentist, cooking's not her strength. He enjoys time with his wife and kids and has lived in Evergreen San Jose for nearly 40 years.

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