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Let me assist you in locating the Top Realtor in the area of your home or business search. I will provide you all the details of what your Realtor should be asking or telling you.

If you are selling your home are you receiving a Market Analyst monthly?

Are you receiving feedback from your Realtor each time your property has been shown?

Are your receiving details on why the house down the street sold and yours did not and you know they were the same house?

Were you advised about Curb Appeal, Clutter, Vitural Tours, maximum number of photos you should have for proper advertising of your home or business?

Were you advised about the special inspection required if you buy a home over 20 years old?

Were you advised when placing an offer to buy a home about special phrases and Time Is Of The Essence contract information that could get your offer accepted?

Were you advised to have pre-approved financing inplace before looking for property to buy?

Were you advised about closing timelines that Sellers Like?

Were you told that not all Sellers have mortgages, or time on the market could be clue that the owner will not accept offers way below asking price?

There is alot more you do not know and you could loose out on the property you really want.....Just because your Realtor did not ask you the right questions.

Best of All....My service is free to you, Real Estate Brokers pay my commission.
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