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• 2000+ Sqft
• 6000+ Sqft lot (decent backyard)
• 3 or 4 bd
• Fireplace
• Separate family and living room
• walk in closet and tub in master bath
• large gate for rv/truck/backyard parking
• 2 or 3 car garage
• decent size/layout kitchen


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About lvgirl922: &bull;&nbsp;2000+ Sqft<br/>&bull; 6000+ Sqft lot (decent backyard)<br/>&bull; 3 or 4 bd<br/>&bull; Fireplace<br/>&bull; Separate&nbsp;family and living room<br/>&bull; walk in closet and tub in master bath<br/>&bull; large gate for rv/truck/backyard parking<br/>&bull; 2 or 3 car garage<br/>&bull; decent size/layout kitchen<br/>&bull;<br/>&bull;<br/>&bull;<br/>&bull;<br/>&bull;<br/>&bull;<br/>&bull;<br/>&bull;<br/>&bull;<br/>&bull;&nbsp;<br/><br/>

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