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Hopeful Soon Homeowner..

I agree - check out - it's a great resource to see how you can improve your credit and what paying off certain cards would do to your score. It also monitors any new activity and can give you warnings when a payment is getting close to being due! It's free and only minorly bogged down by ads (which can help you sometimes). Good luck!
October 09 2013

How do I purchase a home for sale by owner?

I would agree with the previous two responses, but also echo, that you can still have representation from an agent. Realtors help clients buy and sell everyday, so they are more familiar with the process and potential roadblocks than the seller of their own home would be. This could save you many headaches and perhaps hep you negotiate a fairer price. You can also factor the costs of your buyer representation into your purchase price if the current home owner is willing to do so! Best of luck!
October 09 2013