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Documenting a new job?

I accepted a position out of state in the same field as I have worked for over 10 years. We visited SC in May to look at houses and complete mortgage paperwork (FHA) and set closing for 6/29. Yesterday the mortgage company contacted me and told that the loan may not be able to close by the 29th if the underwriter cannot get a "non revocable employment contract". I stayed awake all last night stressing about this. The HR office at my new employer offered to do an employment verification but that is not what the underwriter wants. No one knew what the loan company was asking for so I sent them a very specific person to contact who, I found out today, is off next week! I'm in full panic mode. I haven't heard back from my loan officer (love this news was dropped on a Friday). I'm very stressed because we've already made arrangements for movers, set up utilities, changed addresses, etc. I did give the bank, back in May, my official offer letter (the only contingency the offer had was passing a background check, which I did). Even if the correct person is in the office, I'm not sure my employer will do a "non revocable contract". When I set down the loan officer, I had no indication this would need to be done before closing. I'm worried this delay will hack off the seller. I don't want to lose the house. Would it make a difference if I changed my start date at my new employer and started the day before we were scheduled to close? Is there anything that can be done? Not sure if it matters but I am currently employed, with my current employer, through the end of this month. I start at my new employer on July 2nd. My credit score is 800. Very little debt. I've read a lot already and am worried my only options are to get the contract or wait until the end of July to close (when I have two pay stubs).