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This is a older (25y+) home which poses huge maintenance/upkeep. How motivated is your seller?

Looking for a super-motivated seller/agent. I am looking for something to "live" in near grandkids while I build a house in the upstate over next 1-2 years.Already have that land, working w/architect now.I want something in the Botany woods surrounds for interim. WIll not pay over 120K...distressed/foreclosed prop OK, just want something livable, a warehouse for my stuff while I build.  Judging on current activity here, my house on Lake Murray will sell quickly this spring but don't need to wait for that sale to purchase here/now. I plan to move here NLT 7/1/10. This house looked interesting, but overpriced for this market. Wondered abt. the "motivation level" of the sellers. M