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Mark Church wrote:

How do I contact Zillow customer service?

I think I am done with them. My sales person was all friendly when I signed up. Now she is short and abrupt. I have a listing showing that it is Pending when it is active. They tried to blame it on my office website, which shows it active. I was told to email to get this fixed. It has likely been this way for over a week. I just decided that I will no longer be paying for a service that costs me money every month and that I have to check for accuracy. They only have time for you when they want your money. here I come!
August 18

Seller refuses to give us earnest money back. The pool is encroaching on neighbor's property.

Every state is different, but in the contract I use, it states that the seller must provide a clear and marketable title to the home free of title defects. I don't see how they can provide clear title or get a title insurance policy for the property with an encroachment onto another person's property.
August 27 2013