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Home much down for a foreclosed home? How does the 'sale price" get estimated?


The amount of money down depends on your loan. Once you have a lenders approval they will confirm the best financing available to you. For example if you qualify for an FHA loan you will need 3.5% of the purchase price down. You will also need closing cost and prepaid items which include escrow taxes and insurance. A good Real Estate Agent and Banker can work together to assist you in the details when your ready to make an offer on a home. A foreclosed home is bank owned. The banks use many resources to determine the price. One of the most effective and reliable data they use is a (BPO) Broker Price Opinion which is obtained by the (MLS) Multiple Listing Service and assessing the condition of the property. Again a good Agent can pull this data with the Current Sold properties that are good comparable properties to the subject property to uncover the current market value. You have great questions, now you just need a good Buyers Agent to assist you.  

Short sales do you stay away from them?


This depends on how fast you want to move. Investors are great buyers for short sales because they are not in a hurry to relocate. They typically take 120 or more just to get an approval from the bank to accept your offer. Most buyers move on because they want to move sooner. If you have a time frame to meet I suggest shop for Non Short Sales, Bank Owned and Builders Inventory first. If you don't find something you love than wait on the long short sale process!

On Top of the World listings

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What do you mean you would like listings? Are you an Agent? There is a subdivision name On Top Of The World in Clearwater with condo's ranging from $229,900k 3/b3b to $$27,200 1/1. Are you in need of current listings to view?

What is the best area to buy near St. Petersburg, FL?


How soon are you moving from VA? Have you been searching only on line or have you actually been driving the area? When is your next trip scheduled to view homes? There are lots of communities with great schools included the cities you have listed. The key now is establish your price range, the size of the home you desire for your family and to find a good Realtor to assist you. I am sure you will love the Sun Shine State! 

How to make an offer on a short sale.?


Is it a long process? Yes but each bank is there any specialized Realtors? There are special designations Realtors receive SFR Short Sales & Foreclosures Resources How does it work? As is Contract with a Short Sale Addendum I have the feeling that realtors do not want to work on those properties.Many Realtors do! We know it is necessary to move inventory.If a short sale did not sale, what  happens next ? Foreclosure.I hope this helps, interview a few Buyers Agents and get started today!

RE Agent didn't look at comps.


Who said you are out your $1000 deposit? If you have an FHA Addendum it would state the home needs to appraise for an amount that would be filled in the document. Talk to your agent, give him or her the chance to assist you or show you what they did to protect you and your interest. Don't be afraid to confront them in a non aggressive way. This is when communication is so important. I hope all works out well for you.

i want to go check out the house on sale who do i call?


I disagree with calling the listing agent. That agent represents the Seller. Find a local agent that will represent You as the Buyer! There is limited confidential information one agent can provide when representing both sides of the transaction. Contact your local Realtor Association. If in The Tampa Bay area check ou to find an agent. Happy House Hunting.