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How can I stop seeing results where the home price is an auction starting point?

I get results from zillow that are bogus.  They are not actual asking prices but auction starting bids that are just ridiculously low. I am not interested in seeing auction values in my results yet I don't see a way to turn off this criterion.  If I can't opt out of auction starting bids and other auction prices then I don't want to search on zillow any more. Help!

what is the most desired elementary school in navarre, fl?


Gulf Breeze and Oriole Beach are the best two elementary schools in Santa Rosa County.  Chumuckla and Berryhill are about equal and those two come next.  Some of the others have received "A" grades but numerical scores are lower.Locations:Oriole Beach -- Gulf Breeze, FLGulf Breeze -- Gulf Breeze, FLBerryhill -- Milton, FLChumckla -- Jay, FLJay is way too far.  Milton is 26 miles so that's a long way, too.Oriole Beach Elem: 14.2 mi – about 17 minsGulf Breeze Elem: 19.4 mi – about 24 minsMy choice would be Oriole Beach Elementary.This is the same methodology used on the Space Coast Schools blog for schools in Brevard County.  I really liked that site's method and just applied it to your situation. 

How do you determine the quality of school districts? What sources might be available to determine


You need to set higher standards than the state when examining a school or school district.  Look at your district at the Florida Department of Education website, then go into the data to see how students at the schools in which you're interested actually performed on the FCAT.  Look at the numbers, not the grades, and don't assume that every school in an otherwise strong district is automatically a great school.This blog looked beneath the "A" grades at one school district in Florida -- Brevard County.  Brevard County has excellent schools overall, but the state is very lenient when it comes to assigning top grades for schools' performance on the FCAT -- the test used to determine whether students are actually achieving at grade level.http://spacecoastschools.blogspot.comUnfortunately, that site only looks at Brevard County Schools (The Space Coast) but you can duplicate its methodology on your own.The most consistent indicator of student performance is the percentage of households in that district or school boundary zone headed by individuals with advanced degrees.  Educated adults tend to raise kids that value learning.  The reality for your family is that you need to surround yourself with other educated people and make sure your kids are in the best possible learning environment.  Find the top schools in the best districts and you'll have no regrets.