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I need to post a caution to future buyers about a seller who is doing bad repair work


Is the property listed ? It is maybe better to go to the listing agent/Realtor to discuss your concerns f you are not wanting to go face to face with the owner.. You would not want to be sued for misinformation or interfering with the  sale but if your concerns are legit then the agent could maybe address them with the home owner or ask for a 2nd opinion.  I am under the assumption you are a neighbor wanting to bring this to someone's attention "anonymously " ?? The realtor typically has their phone # on the for sale sign. Hope this helps .

can I find an apartment or house for rent without a whole year of holding a job ?

Best Answer

Hi Arlene, The rent amount and your credit will come into play. I see you are in Altanta, GA may have different guidelines for leasing . I know a few years back I co-signed for my son to move there from NC and work in Deleuth.. If you are going thru a leasing agent ( on site typically) be sure you read, and then re-read your lease --and understand it. Best wishes to you!  Be sure to know your credit score and keep in mind that credit is valuable so do your best to be timely with rent , utilities and any other payments you time you will have proven yourself to be a home owner !

Out of contract help?


You have several questions attached to this post so I want to break it down some. First off your contract was most likely a new construction contract and what you need to do is read it in regard to your down payment. Is it a non refundable builder deposit or an earnest money deposit ? There are many versions to contracts and they vary state by state on terms.  If you had a realtor work with you as a buyers agent - make a call right away to him/her. It may be as simple as hitting a new lender tomorrow for a 2nd opinion. If it is a builder contract, for example in a new neighborhood with a sales model, that agent is typically working for the seller but should be able to guide you to the language in their contract. Be aware that if you have legal questions, it is best to ask the attorney you hired for the transaction--my guess is that you simply didnt get that far into the process...I would also be curious why they did not ask for  a "Pre approval" at time of offer and of course I am also curious how many days ago this became a contract.  This is a lengthy answer but hopefully I hit on a few items to start you in the right direction. Best wishes.

what is the best area in N.C. to get 6-10 acres of land that also has good schools?


NC Report Card Link  I often suggest this site to my clients or prospective buyers. It is useful to start your search for a general area. I would follow up with wanting to know what lifestyle you are wanting to achieve when relocating. What that means, is are you wanting ability to jump in the car and visit the mountains on the weekends or the beach ? Would you want to build a home on this acreage and farm , have horses, or just want an estate home/land. It all depends on several variable so to talk about your budget  vision allows a Realtor to establish a good location and to also point you to the district schools (public and private) to best answer the questions.I also feel strongly visiting the school and meeting the faculty is important and tailoring the school selection to the childs style of learning. Parent involvement in any school is the  best way to stay abreast of their education and their educators.

My Lender wants a WDIR on my Purchase... What is That ??


In NC we find that the moist climate as very conducive to termites settling in and causing damage to homes and their structures. It is wise as a home buyer to obtain a WDIR-100 ( Wood Destroying Insect Report ) regardless if the lender is requesting one. Most lenders DO. In my years of selling homes I have seen a variety of insects causing damage thus the requirement from the buyers lender to see a current report--typically within 30 days of closing. NC Purchase contracts have a due diligence period. The buyer agent should include such inspection within this time frame in order to negotiate any damage. NC Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services Site

what is the best way to advertise home FSBO


The best intentions often arent the best results ! I understand the need possibly to cut out a Realtor from listing the home properly but it is also important to understand that the marketing is simply one facet of the listing process. It is also important to know that a FSBO is at risk for letting "strangers" many unqualified or not prepared to buy now ( i.e. a home to sell first). The risk these days of allowing a stranger into your home on top of one that hasnt been screened and qualfiied is simply a waste of time. A Realtor is hired to bring ready-willing and able buyers, assist in documentation necessary (even if FSBO there are state required forms for you to provide your prospective buyer). Call a Realtor that has listing experience and prevent having to move out of the area and leaving an empty home behind without proper supervision.