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How do you know if a house for sale by owner is a scam or legit?


For most people buying property is the most expensive purchase they will make. Full knowledge is very important. For instance, how do you know the true market value of the home, or how do you deal with inspection issues with the seller (that gets very tricky), or how do you know if title is clear, do you hire an attorney to write the contracts correctly to protect yourself (very costly!), how do you deal with a low appraisal and who will deal with the many pitfalls in the lending process? If you are unsure about any of those issues, please contact a realtor to make sure you are protected as that is our profession and job to know all those facts. Many times the sellers will pay the realtor commission even if it is for sale by owner. Sometimes they will split that cost. At the very least talk to a realtor to see what can be worked out with them.

I would like to purchase a "for sale by owner" home - first time buyer - any advice? Best steps?


I'm very glad that you posted this question online as you really need sound advise when making such a large purchase as a home. There are so many "hidden" pitfalls that aren't readily apparent when buying a home. The foremost answer you need is what is the home's real market value. A good realtor can sit down with you and show you the home's value and the comparable sold homes that were used to come to that price. It's easy for realtors to pull this information up, but may be difficult for you as we can see pictures and read comments on the sold houses as well as see how many days on market, etc. the contract to purchase and disclosure docs can be so important that you need either a realtor or attorney to write those docs for you. The title company will most likely will recommend you use a realtor as they must have the contracts right to ensure proper title. As stated before, your realtor will be important to you in finding the qualified inspectors as you must have the house thoroughly inspected. There are usually many items that need fixed on that list and your realtor can negotiate that for you with the seller so that you are ensured that the problems get fixed before you purchase. It's really difficult at times to try to negotiate with the seller for repairs. Getting a loan through to close is very tricky now too. Most realtors will be happy to either negotiate a fee with the seller or possibly split that between seller and buyer. Just to be a tranaction broker (help you through the process) the normal fee might be around 1% of the sale price of the home. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. I'm in Colorado so I could help you. Be careful!

Looking for a home in Castle Pines Village


It's a great time to look for a home in Castle Pines Village. There are currently 126 homes for sale ranging in price from $495,000 to $10,000,000. Jumbo loans rates are really low right now and you can get a great deal with a few offers. The area is very secure as the other realtors have mentioned with guards at each gate. There are a few that might be willing to lease to you while you are debating on the timing of the sale of your current home. If you would like the list of homes available I would be happy to send them over to you. Call, text or email anytime.

I want a HUD home


You can get a lot of useful information from the HUD website: are different links of resources, incentives etc to read through to help you with your purchase. Your realtor can pull up recent bid results for various homes in your area to give you a better idea of what the winning bids are and if you need to offer over the HUD asking price. Just remember that any amount you bid over the HUD appraisal will need you to bring in those funds in cash at closing since the banks will only lend up to the appraised price.It's very competitive out there!

I need to get a bigger house. My house is upside down, can I short sale and buy another house now?


There are some provisions in short sales that allow for moving due to needing more space and /or new job that's far away. You should call a realtor in your area, the foreclosure hotline at 877-677-7622 and always get legal and accounting advice. You just might be qualified if your circumstances and type of current mortgage allows. You're welcome to call, text or email me anytime too.

Is it advisable to sell an underwater town house for a bigger single family house?


If you could tell me where the townhouse is located I could answer your question with spread sheets using historical rises in value, approximate rental income, internal rate of return, cash before and after taxes and cash at sale at a given exit strategy time.Michelle HallOwner/BrokerCo Real Estate Group[Promotional content and hotlink removed by Zillow moderator. Please see our Good Neighbor Policy for more information on posting in Advice.]