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Mitch Hollinger


Sr. Loan Officer (21 years experience)

Purchase Loan,
Mortgage Planning

Ratings & Reviews



11/12/2014 - zuser20140722104121757
Closed purchase loan. Laurelwood, Albuquerque, NM

Mitch is a high efficiency, low stress professional. His New York state of mind ensured all transactions were handled promptly with great attention to detail and flexibility when needed. Beyond his clear ability to deliver grade A service, Mitch’s vibrant personality put everything in state of serene order, removing any apprehensions we had about the home buying process. It was definitely a pleasure working with such a standup guy.

Response from Mitch



11/01/2014 - ndoran
Closed purchase loan. Albuquerque, NM

I highly recommend Mitch as your mortgage broker. He is very professional and took the time to guide me through the process. I had a difficult time initially, in acquiring a mortgage. Mitch worked through the system to uncover the problem. It turned out I was a victim of identity theft. This issue is now resolved and I was able to close on time. If it had not been for Mitch working at completing the mortgage acquisition process, I would have given up and not bought the condo.

Response from Mitch



06/16/2014 - aojjohnston
Closed purchase loan.

Mitch Hollinger is a fantastic mortgage broker! He is incredibly hard-working, efficient, prompt, and reliable. He's also a friendly straight-shooter. My wife and I would recommend him in the strongest terms possible to anyone looking for a mortgage.

As first-time home buyers, we were put in contact with Mitch by our real estate agent (Natalie Arndt). We needed a mortgage pre-approval letter on a Saturday afternoon in order to submit a written offer on a fantastic place that had an open house scheduled for the following Sunday. We already had begun the mortgage application process with our credit union, but wouldn't have been able to get a letter from them in time. Mitch spent a sizable chunk of his weekend working with us on starting our mortgage application process. Had he not kindly sacrificed part of his weekend, we might not have gotten the proverbial house of our dreams (which we did get, in no small part thanks to Mitch).

We indeed still did take the time to compare Mitch's mortgage options for us with the ones on offer from our credit union. However, Mitch had better alternatives for us given our needs. Moreover, from start to finish, he always kept us both informed in detail of what was happening and on (or even ahead of) schedule as we made our way from written offer to closing day. At no point in working with Mitch did we have the slightest worries about things getting done properly and on time. In fact, Mitch had everything finalized and ready to go a full two days before our closing date. Plus, he earned two additional feathers in his cap: First, our closing costs came in at approximately $900 less than initially estimated; Second, his estimate of our monthly payments differed from the payment amount fixed at closing by just forty-one cents.

In closing and overall, Mitch Hollinger is a dedicated, effective, efficient, and skilled mortgage broker. Also, working with him is a real pleasure. Based on our highly and entirely positive experience, we would urge anyone interested in a mortgage to hire him.

Response from Mitch



01/31/2014 - user8964322
Closed purchase loan.

Mitch was just a great mortgage broker to work with. With his assistance I was able to close on a home for my elderly mother despite some bumps along the way. We got a great rate, low costs, and a lot of help throughout the process. His advice as to how best to handle a multi-party deal was sound and reasonable, and both he and his staff worked very well with me and my techno-phobic mom over long distances. I can't think of any reason to go anywhere else for mortgage assistance.

Response from Mitch



01/24/2014 - user7052371
Closed purchase loan.

If you want personal, professional and timely assistance from a mortgage professional, there is no better individual than Mitch Hollinger.

Mitch assisted my wife and myself in the typically challenging tasks of arranging for and managing the acquisition of a mortgage for our new place in Corrales, NM. Mitch made this task far easier than I could have expected.

Mitch's knowledge of the specific requirements of qualifying for and obtaining a loan in New Mexico was a real positive. When certain issues and concerns popped up, Mitch was there to investigate and manage our concerns.

Mitch was available when we needed him and promptly responded to all phone calls and emails. Further, Mitch has the knowledge and experience necessary to accomplish the mortgage research and selection.

Mitch was and continues to be an essential partner in our acquisition of the property and related tasks. I would definitely work with Mitch again if the need again arises.

Response from Mitch